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  • Thesis

  • Theory of Learning Sciences*

  • Seminar I *

  • Seminar II *

  • Research Methods*

  • Statistics and Experimental Design* or Qualitative Inquiry*

  • Internship

  • Social Situation and Learning

  • E-Learning and Design

  • Design of Learning Environments

  • APP Design and Educational Applications

  • Introduction to STEAM Education

  • Educational Robot Research

  • Mobile Learning System

  • Design Study of User and Game-based Media

  • Introduction of Educational Games to Flipped Classroom

  • e-Learning System Development

  • Applications of Learning Technologies and Implementation I

  • Applications of Learning Technologies and Implementation II

  • Design for Instruction and Learning

  • Learning and Teaching

  • User experience design

  • Design Study of Cross-disciplinary Learning Content

  • Learning & Teaching of Science

  • Computer-supported visuals and learning

  • Digital Message Design

  • Science and Environmental Education in Informal Contexts

  • Digital Reading and Publishing

  • Learning and Development for Performance Improvement

  • Activity Approach in Teaching and Course Design

  • Technology-enhanced Testing and Assessments

  • Adaptive Assessment and Differentiated Learning




English ability

  • Cognition and Learning

  • Consciousness and Attention

  • Neuroscience of Learning

  • Memory

  • Second Language Acquisition

  • Design for Learning by Creating

  • Research on Reading

  • Psychology for Online learning

  • Technology Leadership and Change Management

  • Theory and Practice of Adult Learning

  • Creative e-Content Industry

  • Knowledge Management Technology

  • Experimental Design for Cognitive Psychology

  • Big data Analytics

  • Big data in Education

  • Seminar on Digital Humanities

  • Diffusion of e-Learning Innovations

  • English Reading and Discussion

  • English Oral Practice

  • Introduction to Academic Writing in English

  • Presentation and Public Speaking in English


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